This, That and Things
Welcome to    This, That and Things. 

In this site you will find a bit of This, a bit of That and Things.  Some are one time buys.  Once gone, it is gone.  Most items are brand new or never used.  Gently used items will be noted.

All items are subject to availability.  Brouse through the pages and you may be surprised at what is available for sale. We know you will like the prices.  To give you an idea what what is available - Things, has a  Small World Page- Minitures , craft supplies has a bit this and that, Thread - bunka thread. 

As items become available they will be added to the selling lists.  So come back often and check out our merchandise.

                                    Pay Pal is the  only accepted method of paying available. 

                                           We are still in construction, so please be patient!
                                                        Many more products yet to post.